Water Recycling System

Want to recycle or filter your hydrodemolition wastewater?
Conjet is releasing the first water recycling system designed specifically for hydrodemolition.
Water Recycle System Clean your hydrodemolition wastewater to make it fit for circling back into the high pressure pump, or just filter it to soften the impact on the environment.

The Conjet Water Recycling System is skid-mounted, and can be fitted inside a standard 20’ container (regular or insulated), on a trailer or a truck, depending on customer preference.

It can filter up to 20 m3 water/ hour, the output water contains no particles above 5 microns (um) in size, and the pH-value is reduced to 7 or below, making it neutral. More information coming soon…

For more detailed information, please contact Conjet.


So how does it work?
The system treats the water in two general steps. The first pretreatment step takes place in the basket housing of the pump and two specialized hydro cyclones. The outgoing water from this step will not contain any sand or particles nominally over 20 um, which can be released into the environment without causing pollution.

It is also possible to make the water fit for recycling back into the high pressure pump. The second step contains two filters that are backwashed periodically. The back wash flow goes back to the container and is filtered through the coarser load. The outgoing flow will qualify for feeding the high pressure pump with water, resulting in a significant reduction of water used in the hydrodemolition process.