Robot 437

Robot 437 is the hydrodemolition robot with the highest capacity for large scale horizontal concrete removal
The diesel powered Conjet Robot 437 is ideal for removing concrete from large, horizontal surfaces such as bridge decks, quay slabs and parking decks. It has been developed according to the same principles found in all Conjet products, including productivity, realiability, profitability and safety. The specially designed shroud, made from special hardened Hardox® steel sheet, is integrated in the feed beam for maximum protection against flying debris. Secondary protection is mounted on top of the feed beam. This enables the operator to walk around the cover while the robot is working to monitor the progress. The side hatches of the feed beam protection are detachable for working close to walls.

Suitable applications:

  • Bridge decks
  • Quay slabs
  • Parking decks

Powerful yet maneuverable

The Robot 437 has three wheels and is exceptionally maneuevrable. It can almost turn on the spot, making it ideal for working in areas where space is limited, such as parking decks, as well as large open areas. slopes. Furthermore, a ship cleaning and paint removal head can be selected.


  • Highest concrete removal rate on the market (for a standard hydrodemolition robot)
  • Handles reaction forces up to 4000 N (1500 HP)
  • Diesel powered
  • Exceptional manoeuvrability
  • Multiple tools
  • The multi-layered protective hood keeps debris inside exceptionally well

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