Robot 367

Defined by outstanding reach, unsurpassed stability, and great versatility, the Robot 367 is one of the most flexible machines on the market
The new robot 367 The Conjet Robot 367 combines reach and flexibility with maintained stability, making it possible to complete the most advanced tasks while using the same standard tool; the Conjet Multi Purpose Arm (MPA). Suitable applications include:
  • Horizontal operation, in front or off-set
  • Vertical operation at any angle up to 6,6 m
  • Overhead operation up to 6 m
  • Under bridge deck, 2 m reach
  • Quaysides
  • Tunnel and rotor operation
  • Surface preparation
  • Inside turbines

All the configurations you could need

The Robot 367 is highly customizable. The flexible standard MPA is applicable in most situations. For special work cases, different variations of tools and arms can be combined to match the project needs. Apart from the arm and tool configurations, the high pressure lance of Robot 367 can be equipped with either a single nozzle or a double nozzle assembly. The robot can also be configured for working in uprightcircular areas, such as turbines, by turning around its own center.


  • Wheel extension for maximum stability
  • 3 x 360° rotation of boom arms and feed beam
  • Three mounting positions for the feed beam, extending the reach even further
  • Lance angle +-45° to cut into and up the corner Removable side covers enables reach into corners and partly up the wall, or to let debris out during under up or vertical operation
  • Compact feed beam designed for horizontal, vertical and overhead use
  • Encoders and sensors are capsulated to avoid them being exposed to flying debris
  • Drastically shorter positioning time thanks to the MPA

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