Robot 327

Conjet Robot 327 is the small water jetting machine that revolutionized the hydrodemolition industry with its flexibility and compact design
Robot 327
The Robot 327 weighs just over one metric ton, and has been developed to work in confined spaces and areas inaccessible to larger hydrodemolition machines. It passes easily through less than a 0.9m (3ft) wide opening.
  • Fits in confined space
  • Easy to lift and transport
  • Operates on platforms and scaffoldings
  • Compact feed beam
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications with the standard unit as well as the extensive range of accessories

All the configurations you could need

The Robot 327 is highly customizable. The different variations of tools and arms can be combined to match project needs. Apart from the arm and tool configurations, the high pressure lance of Robot 327 can be equipped with either a single nozzle or a double nozzle assembly. The robot can also be equipped with a winch, for working in slopes. Furthermore, a ship cleaning and paint removal head can be selected.


  • Track extension for maximum stability
  • Track sensors control travel distance
  • Feed beam tilt -10° – 90°
  • Arm and feed beam can turn 360°
  • Feed beam can be mounted in three positions, extending reach even further
  • Removable side covers enables reaching into corners and partly up the wall, or to let debris out during under up or vertical operation

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