Conjet Powerpacks

Conjet Powerpacks provide high pressure water for all Conjet units


A construction site places special requirements on equipment. The Hammelmann high pressure pump and Caterpillar engine installed in a purpose built 20 ft container (standard ISO measurements) meet these requirements, providing a reliable and robust powerpack for your project.

The standard range of Conjet Powerpacks are supplied with ratings of 250 – 750 kW, flows of 96 – 342 l/min and pressures of 1000 – 2600 bar to suit a wide range of applications. The container is silenced to meet all noise emission standards, including an internally mounted exhaust muffler. A two-stage, stainless steel water filtration system with stainless steel water tank and belt driven booster pump is installed for maximum reliability.

Nalta and handlance pump

The Jetframe 101 Nalta is supplied with high pressure water from a smaller pump, also used for handlances. It is a Hammelmann Series 12 / 17 / 25 diesel driven high pressure pump, designed to be reliable and user-friendly. The pump and diesel engine are neatly fitted into a covered sound insulated trailer. When performing maintenance, the sides of the small container can be lifted to provide easy access to the pump and engine.


  • Integrated emergency stop circuits for improved safety
  • Control room separated from the pump/engine
  • Exhaust emissions are controlled to meet U.S EPA and EU regulations
  • Silenced and insulated to meet noise emission and tough climate conditions
  • Feed beam can be mounted in three positions, extending reach even further
  • Designed to operate 24 h/day, 7 days/week
  • Electronic control system for the pump and engine
  • Force-feed lubrication of the high pressure pump protects the pump even under extreme operating conditions
  • Rigid design certified for sea transport (ISO standard)
  • Side doors for easy access during maintenance