Jetframe 117

Jetframe 117 ensures flexibility when all other options fail
117_image Conjet Jetframe 117 hydrodemolition system allow selective removal of concrete in areas inaccessible to standard hydrodemolition Robots. The Jetframe is remotely operated up to 100 metres from the computer control unit (CCU) or any 7-series Conjet Robot. Jetframe 117 consists of a rectangular frame supported on four legs. It can be bolted to the concrete surface being repaired or mounted on a tool carrier, such as a fourwheel drive forklift truck, skylift platform or supported from winches.The Jetframe 117 is specifically designed to operate where space is limited, such as between a building and scaffolding and can also be quickly dismantled into components small and light enough to be carried by one man. It can operate on a variety of horizontal, vertical and angled surfaces, including ceilings and underneath bridge decks.

Suitable applications:

  • Bridge bearing foundations and pillars
  • Dam surfaces and spillways
  • Dry docks and quay decks
  • Canals
  • Under water

Optional tools

The Jetframe can be equipped with a rotor or double nozzle for concrete scarification or steel surface preparation. Additionally, a ship cleaning device can be attached for ship hulls or curved surfaces.


  • Handles the most inaccessible areas
  • Operates under water
  • Control via CCU 217 or any Robot in the 7-series
  • Can operate at long distance from the control unit
  • Rigid framework, keeping the precicion high
  • Can be dismantled for transportation and easier handling
  • Tailor made on request for special projects



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