After more than 20 years in the hydrodemolition business we have developed certain unique features. Here are some of the advantages of choosing Conjet:

Product range

We provide the widest range of hydrodemolition equipment in the world.
product-range From Jetframe 101 Nalta, the smallest hydrodemolition unit on the market, to the largest: Robot 437. Our product range covers all types of hydrodemolition projects. Click here to see our product range.

Wireless connection

Control the powerpack with the radio remote control box, a Conjet patent.
wireless-box With Conjet technology, it is always possible to choose wireless control of the powerpack and high pressure pump. The emergency stops on the robot, control box and powerpack are all connected for the operator’s safety.

Type A nozzles

We use type A nozzles, available all over the world.
nozzles Since they are commercially available, it is easy to find spare parts and order them from any supplier worldwide. Nozzles can be ordered in stainless steel, ceramic or sapphire insert configuration.

A custom made cone insert for the lance is also available, increasing fuel efficiency. cone

Underwater operation

Mechanical cradle movement allows underwater operation.
DSC00198 This is useful when working with long-reach robots such as Robot 367, or for special tasks using the Jetframe 117 or Nalta.

Level sensing

Tunnel and pipe robots feature and automatic level sensing system.
service-tunnel This keeps the operation accurate, and allows the Robot to work closer to the surface, resulting in higher efficiency.

Dual lance

Increase the demolition speed with a dual lance and two pumps.
dual-lance Or, quickly change from demolition to scarification by switching to a fork lance. Our tool additions provide flexibility without the need for large tool changes. dubbellans


All Conjet equipment is designed with high demands concerning stability.
tripoli The operator’s safety is our first priority. The flexible Multi Purpose Arm, used on the Robot 557 and 367, provides reach while maintaining stability in all positions. channel-tunnel

Conjet ONE

The 7-series feature the same hydraulics and control system.
controlbox This facilitates operation and maintenance. All operations can be configured from the radio remote control box or the display on the robot, resulting in shorter start-up time and higher efficiency.

Pressure levels

Different pressure levels are available from the Powerpack.
PressureLevels_DSC01135 By adjusting the pressure level along with the water flow, the same Robot can be used to work with different applications. The pressure can range from 1000 to 3000 bar depending on the type of job.